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Portrait of Hannes Vainionpää

Hannes Vainionpää

Founder, CEO,
Hardware development

Hannes is the founder and CEO of Neutrongate, and responsible for hardware development and sales.

He has done post-graduate studies at Berkley national lab on ion source and accelerator technology. Hannes has 15+ years of experience in the development of neutron generators and neutron based measurement systems.

Portrait of Sakari Ihantola

Sakari Ihantola

Software & Hardware development

Sakari works both with the theoretical basis of measurements and the implementation.

Sakari holds a doctoral degree in nuclear physics, with post-graduate studies at Imperial College London. He has 15+ years of experience in nuclear physics and detector technology. Sakari is a partner at NeutronGate.

Photo of Antti Hemilä

Antti Hemilä

Software and business development

Antti is responsible for user interface development. He also has a role in developing business through marketing and strategy.

Antti is a M.Sc. (Tech.) in Strategy and Venturing from Aalto University.

Portrait of Pekka Salmi

Pekka Salmi

Mechanics and engineering, hardware development

Pekka is responsible for manufacturing parts for neutron generators together with developing mechanical parts of hardware.

Pekka is an inventor and has a background of 30+ years in four previous startups. Pekka is a partner at NeutronGate.

Portrait of Markku Paaso

Markku Paaso

Software development

Markku is responsible for software development of neutron generator. Additionally, Markku is a partner.

Markku is a medical doctor in anesthetics.

Portrait of Esko Lahtinen

Esko Lahtinen

Financing, Lead investor

Esko is responsible for investor relations. Esko acts as the chair of the board.

Esko has 10 years of managerial experience in corporate banking and 5 years in industrial companies.

Esko holds a M.Sc (Economics & business administration) degree.

Photo of Teemu Sipilä

Teemu Sipilä

General counsel, Investor

Teemu is our legal advisor and a board member.

Teemu has 20+ years of experience in legal counseling and managment from both large and small corporations.

Photo of Jens Kyllönen

Jens Kyllönen

CO-lead investor

Jens is a board member.

Jens has been a professional poker player for 14+ years, having won a WSOP bracelet in 2016.

Currently Jens is an enterpreneur.

Jens holds a M.Sc (Economics & business administration) degree.