Neutron generators for improved safety

Back of an engineer pointing a large accelerator
Neutron generators can improve safety in various ways, including mine clearance and airport security.

Aamuposti published an article about us yesterday. The report highlights well how unique we are: Under ten companies build neutron generators.

Currently, we are providing laboratory service to demonstrate our technology, and the Finnish Defence Forces has been interested in our analyses.

For example, with a neutron-based elemental analysis, we can check whether an artillery grenade is a chemical weapon or a conventional explosive. This screening could be used in mine clearance of the Baltic sea.

Our generator can also be used for security control in airports to detect which elements are present in a suitcase, which would help detect narcotics and explosives better. Current x-ray scanners do not provide elemental distribution for security purposes.

In our theory section, we provide a document, which explains how neutron generator based analyses are especially useful for security purposes.

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