Neutron source

NG-1 neutron source provides exceptional performance and usability with ease of maintenance. System operates with pulsed or continuous neutron beam, which can be adjusted to desired pulse length and period. Turnkey operation ensures smooth and effortless operation. Operating system adjusts the neutron production automatically to desired time averaged count rate. Operation via communications interface or web page is easy, no external programs are necessary to run the tube. NG-1 can be run remotely through LAN or Internet.


Model: NG-I
External dimensions: ⌀ 600 mm x 750 mm
Tube head mass: 200 kg
Auxiliary system mass: 200 kg

Pulse amplitude:
Pulse length: 20-1000 µs
Pulse rep. rate: 500-1E9 µs
Time averaged neutron production: <6E9 n/s
Pulse fall-off time 1% of peak amplitude: <10 µs
Pulse rise time: <5 µs
Neutron energy: 2.5 MeV

Neutron production on/off: 5 V when on, 0,5 V when beam off. 50 Ohm connection, 100 mA max load.
External Pulse trigger: External 0-5 V pulse trigger can be fed via designated BNC connection.
Wi-Fi: Can act as a router or a client.
Ethernet: Will act as client to existing LAN network, CAT5 or CAT6
Interlocks: Two interlock circuits are provided in the standard product.
Control systems: Web browser app, ASCII command string interface, TCP IP interface.

Maintenance interval: 2000 h
Lead time: Approx. 9 months
System warm up time: 5-10 min

Optional components

Serial port connectivity: Set of cables between equipment cabinet and neutron tube, 5-20 m long.
Radiation shielding: Radiation shielding can be ordered separately.

Test Station

NG Test Station provides a platform for idea testing, proof-of-concept -testing and preliminary result making. It helps you to gain traction on your idea or project with real world data. Test Station also facilitates testing of NeutronGate products in laboratory setting before making the purchase decision. Test Station is equipped with the latest neutron source and detector technology. It is optimal for testing instruments and conducting experiments and measurements with your own equipment and with ours. We provide complete radiation safety under strict Finnish safety regulations. The station is designed to be modified, to achieve the optimal results.


Test area dimensions: ⌀ 600 mm x 400 mm
Radiation shielding:
Safe environment, shielding from background radiation
NG-1 neutron source: Yield <6E9 n/s
Variety of detectors: NaI, LaBr, Plastic, HPGE, B10 proportional counter, BGO
Data acquisition: Caen multi-channel DAQ, capable of pulse shape and pulse height discrimination


Consulting: Application design, Numerical modeling, Installation design, Radiation safety
CAD design: Products, Upgrades, Installation locations
Simulations: MCNP, GEANT, IBsimu
Measurements: Neutron activation analysis (PGNAA, DGNAA, INAA), Neutron imaging


Sample testing: Bulk analysis and Trace analysis
Detector testing: Calibration, Maintenance, Development

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