Reliable and flexible


Customized neutron generators

We have over 10 years of experience in building neutron generators, and we are able to customize our measurement systems according to customer needs.

Our neutron generators use a linear accelerator up to 300keV.neutrons can be produced via several reactions. D-D, D-Li, and (D-T). Gamma source via D-B also viable.

Our agile organization and effective production processes enable us to produce neutron generators for solving customer specific issues.

Radiation safety: Neutron generators are inherently safe. Our neutron generator has been approved by Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority for industrial use in the lowest risk-categories.

Neutron generators hardware can be used for example in:

  • University laboratories for staff research and student education
  • Other public research institutes
  • RND-units of large companies

Key specifications

Details are given as ranges because hardware modifications accommodate changes.

  • High neutron yield up to 1E10 n/s.
  • High energy accelerator enabling use of various neutron production reactions
  • Accelerator column enabling use of high accelerator energies 150-300keV.
  • High current Pulsed operation
  • High neutron flux.
  • Convenient neutron production geometry on a tip of a drift tube allowing efficient experimental setup. 
  • Neutron flux stabilization <1% via feedback from the neutron counter. 
  • Reliable design and easy to use. 
  • Easy Maintenance and modular design
  • Pumped system: long lifetime, easy maintenance of the radiation head and high neutron production rate.


Why buy a neutron generator from us:

High level of support

Neutron generators require regular maintenance to remain in good condition. Our operations are centered in our workshop at Riihimäki, which gives us a good access to maintain our products in the Nordic region.

Additionally, we have included sensors to monitor current state of our generators. With these sensors, we can offer preventive maintenance to keep uptime of generators high whilst preventing long-term damage to generators.

Customized and flexible

As neutron generators' requirements depend highly on the specific circumstances, we can customize our neutron generators. Additionally, our neutron generators have a flexible operation: User can change the number of neutrons produced and operation type from continuous to pulsed.

In addition, we can modify our neutron generator to satisfy your requirements better.

Simple to use

Typically neutron generators can be difficult to take in use, and operation is as difficult: There are many different settings and rules, which may feel overwhelming.

We cherish simplicity: After we have installed a generator and radiation shielding, generator can be started with one button.

Key benefit: High D-D based neutron yield

There are various different types of neutron generators. Some use tritium to reach a higher neutron yield. However, tritium is radioactive gas making maintanance of system expensive and dangerous. Usually whole radiation head needs to be recycled. For a safer and cost-efficient neutron production, we have decided to use deuterium-deuterium and Deuterium Lithium reaction in our generators. There are multiple producers of deuterium-deuterium based neutron generators. However, majority of these cannot provide 1E9 let alone 1E10 n/s. Our generators are unique, as they can reach even 1E10 n/s with deuterium-deuterium reaction.

Better than isotope sources

Conventionally, isotope sources have been used as neutron sources for scientific research and industrial applications. Typical isotope sources include Americium-Beryllium (AmBe) or Californium-252 (Ca-252). We apply isotope sources especially in neutron imaging applications if small size and light weight is required.

However, isotope sources have various limitations:

  1. Increased risks: Radioactive isotopes decay constantly, and the decay cannot be paused. This generally makes isotope sources more dangerous and difficult to use.
  2. High cost of use: As radioactive isotopes decay, they produce new radioactive elements. To have a stable neutron yield, decayed elements must be replaced with new radioactive material. Both the disposal of old and adding new material inflate the lifetime cost of isotope sources. 
  3. They yield lower neutron counts: All isotope sources also emit gamma-radiation. This means, to keep the total emitted radiation within regulatory limits, fewer neutrons can be emitted.
  4. Advanced use not possible: With isotope sources, user cannot alter the type and quantity of neutrons produced. Additionally, isotope sources cannot be pulsed. These changes may be necessary for advanced scientific use.

Our neutron generators surpass isotope sources due to these four dimensions: Our generators are switched on only when desired. Our generator has a lower lifetime cost than isotope sources of respective yield. Additionally, our generators can be altered with software to better support scientific use.

Pulsed operation

The generator can be operated in continuous or in pulsed mode. In pulsed mode, neutrons will be produced within microseconds. Because of this, we can identify fast and thermal neutrons, which is useful for many types of analyses such as pulsed fast thermal neutron activation analysis or differential die away method.

Pulse amplitude: 5E8 – 3E11 [n/s]
Pulse length: 20-10 000 μs
Pulse fall-off: 1-5 μs
Pulse rise time: <10 μs

Shape of Nero-1 neutron pulse, including both fast and thermal neutrons.
Neutron pulse shape. Fast neutrons are produced during neutron generator pulse. Thermal neutrons slow down in the sample and linger on sample region for 200-1500us after the fast neutron pulse ends.

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