Neutron based

Laboratory service

Neutron activation analysis as a service

Our laboratory service is based on neutron activation analysis (NAA). With this technology, we can measure elemental concentrations with high precision.

You can send us a parcel with a 10-liter sample, and we will measure the contents for you. 

Price of analysis starts from 150€. If long measurements or requested analysis requires sample processing it will reflect the pricing.

Periodic table containing neutron activation analysis (NAA) detection thresholds
Our estimated detection thresholds of elements with neutron activation analysis, assuming a sample size of 10 liters. Includes both PGNAA and DGNAA thresholds. Precise thresholds depend on the combination of elements measured.

Why use our NAA laboratory service?

Both solids and liquids

Our analysis is a bulk measurement, so rather than measuring only surface, sample is comprehensively measured. Thus, accuracy with both solids and liquids is high.

Chemistry insensitive

As neutrons only interact with nuclei, they are not affected by the electron shell and chemistry.

Affordable price

As little sample preparation is needed, we can provide laboratory measurements cost-effectively, with a price starting from 150€ per 10 liter sample.


Our analysis is non-destructive, so if desired, the sample can be left intact.

How our service works

Our analysis has four main steps:

  1. Customer will send us a 10-liter sample for analysis. Sample is irradiated with neutrons. If required sample matrix is processed for example by drying the sample.
  2. Neutrons interact with matter, producing characteristic gamma radiation. The gamma rays have high energy, which means they will pass through a 10-liter sample.
  3. We detect characteristic gamma radiation as spikes on a spectrum. The size of the spike is proportional to the amount of respective element present.
  4. We will send the spectrum anlysis result to the customer, and we can also return the sample for further analysis.

Depending on the exact measurement needs, if NAA has limited accuracy for some elements, we can also use XRF surface analysis to complement NAA.

Read more about the measurement principle in Theory.

Mustard gas surrogate PGNAA spectrum with energy up to 9000 keV.
Short measurement of mustard gas surrogate provides in seconds the necessary data in order to identify if the munition payload is explosive or Chemical Weapons Agent CWA.

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