Innovative technologies combined

NeutronGate instruments use the latest innovative technologies from different fields. Our instruments combine the latest neutron source, detector and neural network technologies to provide accurate, reliable and fast measurement results. Our technologies have the capability to solve real customer problems to generate measurable value within different industries. Our personnel is experienced in several different fields with areas of expertise in different technologies.

High Performance

Our wood measurement technology is capable of analyzing up to 1,2 meters wide and 0,5 meters high wood supply travelling under 10 m/min to provide an estimated accuracy of 1% in moisture and wood density.

Real-time Data

NeutronGate instruments provide online data to optimize pulp or bio-energy process. System is updated regularly, providing the latest software and data for the customer. Our expertise in industrial automation enables us to flexibly adapt to your factory control system.

Flexibility and Safety

Our technology can be installed anywhere on the material feed line, from wood chip silo to the end of the conveyor belt. Our system has built-in safety features to address any radiation safety concerns.

NeutronGate Instruments

NeutronGate instruments utilizes the deuterium-deuterium (DD) nuclear fusion to generate neutrons. Positively charged deuterium ions are extracted from the ion source and accelerated to 200 kV by a DC accelerator. The beam is transported down a beam line until it impinges upon a target of deuterium, where nuclear fusion occurs and then neutrons are produced.


Ion source design is optimized for long life time and fast pulse characteristics. Our neutron sources life span is significantly higher compared to other neutron sources with similar neutron yield. Ion source is also easy to operate. Our modular design allows ease of maintenance and minimal disruption to process during maintenance operations.

Neutron Production

Our high energy accelerator allows us to reach high neutron yield. Higher neutron production increases the accuracy and speed of the measurement. We produce very high intensity neutron pulses with well controlled pulse shape due to our innovative ion source and accelerator design.


Our Neutron source and low energy beam transport expertise is world-class and detector systems are tailored for each application. Data-analysis utilizes machine learning and neural networks to provide best possible results for our clients.