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Experts on Elements

Neutron based elemental analysis

We provide unique elemental analysis measurements to help industrial facilities decrease waste and optimize industrial processes.

Our uniquely accurate and fast measurement devices are based on nuclear physics theory combined with in-house hardware and software development. Our agile organization and product customization possibilities gives us the flexibility to serve industrial customers individually and efficiently.


customized solutions

W-MOD instrument

Biomaterial Moisture

Our first product W-MOD measures moisture percentage, and total material flow of various biomaterials including wood chips, sawdust, peat and bark.

Periodic table containing neutron activation analysis (NAA) detection thresholds

Laboratory service

We measure elemental composition for most liquids and solids. Using neutron activation analysis, we are able to perform inexpensive elemental analysis faster than using only typical elemental measurements.

Nero-1 neutron generator

Neutron generator Hardware

We provide neutron generator hardware to universities and other research facilities. Providing up to 1E10 n/s  neutrons per second with D-D fusion and high neutron pulse intensity.


Theory behind neutron based analyses

NeutronGate instruments use the latest innovative technologies from different fields. Our instruments combine the latest neutron source, detector, and machine learning technologies to provide accurate, reliable and fast measurement results.

Neutron based technologies have various use cases: Elemental analyses to optimize industrial processes, boron capture therapy for improved health, controlled nuclear fusion for green energy, and fast scanning of freight for improved safety. These emerging technological capabilities will effect the modern way of life in the next decades.


Flexible partner

Our core team consists of experts with diverse backgrounds. Additionally, we have multiple investors, who support our core team with their previous experience.

Our unique technology and agile approach enable us to offer flexible solutions for our

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