OreGate Elemental Analysis System



Steel mills need methods for determining the accurate elemental composition of material flows in real time. As a consequence the process is subject to process fluctuations and inconsistent end product quality and value. The inconsistency translates into loss in profits, energy and  complications in operation.
OreGate elemental analysis enables FeCr furnace operator to stabilize the elemental composition of the raw material mixture and optimize the process for greater quality.
Stable operation of the furnace also mitigates number of problems in operating the furnace. OreGate provides real time feedback on raw material elemental composition. This is achieved by analysing 100% of the material flow by neutron activation analysis.  With OreGate online measurement, the plant operators can immediately react on any changes in raw material elemental composition.

PGNAA technology in nutshell

In PGNAA material is irradiated with neutrons resulting in gamma response by the irradiated material. This gamma response is characteristic to the elemental composition of the irradiated material providing accurate means of measuring elemental composition of the material flow.  Measurement is done through the belt and material flow and the whole volume of the process material is involved in the creation of the signal. 

Continuous measuring of conveyor belt flow of raw material is a proven and effective way to determine and ensure consistent quality . Measurement data is transmitted and monitored in real time in the plant control room.



Improved plant performance

The variability of mined raw material is a challenge in plant process control. PGNAA technology can minimize the challenges generated by inconsistent raw material.


OreGate is a non-contact solution and does not interfere with conveyer belt flow. It requires minimal maintenance and is operated remotely. This minimizes required site visits and reduces operation costs.

Time saving

Material flow mass can be analyzed directly on conveyor belt. No need to take individual samples and analyze in laboratory.

Improved consistency

100 percent of the raw material moving on conveyor belt can be analyzed. This ensures top quality end product.

Benefits of OreGate

Higher quality of the end product

Accurate data of the elemental composition of the whole raw material volume. Adjust raw material feed during process. Optimize and stabilize the elemental concentrations in the raw material feed.

Improved Process Control

Neutrongate provides both remote and on-site support to provide maximum service level and response times for the customer. Our technology is non contact, robust to staining. It requires minimal maintenance from factory personnel. NeutronGate maintains the instruments with minimal investment of time from user.

Savings in energy, raw material and CO2

• Enable real time process control and data based decisions. • Stabilize the process fluctuations and eliminate problematic behavior of the furnace. • Less shutdowns and malfunctions

Outokumpu Ferrochrome Works

OreGate at Outokumpu Ferrochrome works

NeutronGate is delivering OreGate online raw material analyzer for Outokumpu’s Tornio Ferrochrome works. OreGate is installed on a conveyor belt to analyze the elemental composition of the raw materials fed into the ferrochrome smelting furnace. To achieve the best performance, the OreGate anlalyzer is customized to meet the exact needs and requirements of Outokumpu.

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